Strey Designs creates functional works of art that cater to your needs. We balance elegance with durability in each of our handcrafted leather products which are skillfully made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.





Owner | Designer

Strey Designer, Sarah Butala is a Minnesotan designer and entrepreneur who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Her career in art was a long and multifaceted journey.  While Butala now focuses on leatherwork, she has drawn inspiration from her past training in painting, drawing, woodworking, textiles and sculpture.  She worked as a puppeteer, art teacher, muralist and set designer before embarking on her new passion in fashion and leatherwork. She lives with her husband and daughter and their several pets in Bloomington, Minnesota near the majestic woods along the Minnesota River.

A Strey Story

Everything in my life led me to this point. Which part of the story do you want to hear? Maybe when I transformed my grandfather's Big Mac farmer overalls into a backpack with a few cuts and stitches. Or maybe when an expensive prom dress was out of the question, so I found a Calvin Klein pattern, the most inhospitable fabric, and headed to the ball like a modern day Cinderella, bippity-boppity-boo. You see, my story is one of necessity and that is probably why, as an designer, making objects that serve a purpose is so important. Living with little meant if I wanted something, I made it. Now, I prefer it that way.