Premium Leather Products


The key to all good things lays in the quality of the ingredients. Strey Designs tests and researches all of our materials so that we can offer our customers only the best! We carry a large variety of colors and finishes to cater to all your desires! We typically change our colors twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Whether you are looking for bright, soft leather, or beautiful neutral color, we got you covered! We stand behind our products and always offer a 100% guarantee. 


Strey Designs uses a nylon bonded thread and waxed sinew to create our quality stitch-work. Nylon-bonded thread is an industrial grade product, proven strong and will hold your product together.



How strong is it? Once we made a projection screen for a multi-media art event. Using the same thread and stitching that we use for all Strey products, we sewed a huge projection screen to a football goalpost. Later, the wind picked up, turning the projection screen into a giant sail. At that point, did our stitching burst? No! The metal welding broke, and the goalpost itself came down. (Sorry, goalpost!) I guess our thread is tougher than steel!