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Work hard, play hard! 

This sleek attache case can be customized to fit all your specific needs. This model comes equipped with a detachable travel mug holder and detachable pouch pocket for USB drives, pencils, or business cards to accompany you where ever business takes you. This bag is made with the best quality vegetable tanned leather and hand dyed with eco friendly leather water stains. You choose the color or texture. This is a bag you'll have forever and you'll want it to look good when you hand it down to your offspring! 

Designed and handmade by local Minnesota designer, Sarah Butala.  

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You will receive your bag within 2 to 3 weeks. 

For more customizations contact us, we are happy to work with you towards a unique look. 

  • dimensions: 17"w x 13"h x 4"d
  • solid brass hardware
  • strap pad
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather straps: adjustable/removable cross body strap and padded handle
  • detachable travel mug holder
  • detachable inside pouch pocket 10" x 7"
  • hand dyed with eco-friendly water stain dyes
  • 100% leather vegetable tanned leather
  • nylon bonded thread and waxed sinew


100% Guarantee

Thank you for choosing Strey Designs, a local business, owned and operated by designer Sarah Butala.  All our products are guaranteed as long as you own them.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new Strey Designs product.  If it rips, stains, breaks, becomes damaged in any way we hope you contact us, even 5 years down the road.  We love to hear how our products wear over time and are committed to making a quality product but can only do this with your feedback. 

Leather Care

We recommend conditioning your product regularly with our Angelus Mink Oil, which will keep your leather soft and supple and will help with salt and water stains. We also carry Fiebing’s Saddle Soap which is great for cleaning and polishing your product to keep it looking great!

Leather Characteristics

All our products are made from top grade leather, hand selected for quality and durability.  One great thing about leather is its natural character; these animals have lived their lives in nature.  There may be evidence of scarring, bug bites and injuries as a result of the animal’s history. Unique imperfections are expected with leather especially when we use the whole hide. It is the beauty of the process. Leather is strong, yet soft, and it stretches to fit your life.