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You're creative and so are your needs. We understand that at Strey Designs that's one of the many reason we started designing bags and wallets ourselves. The custom order process is simple and fun! Simply fill out the form below and we will promptly email you back with a quote and link to order your new dream design.

Not an order-form-kinda person, no problem, send us an email and we can set up a phone consultation so you can speak directly with our designer to explain all the details.  

Name *
Tell us a little about yourself; What will your design be used for? What are your interests? Explain your personality and style. Do you like your products rugged or dainty, elegant or vintage? The more you tell us the better we can envision your idea.
This is just the beginning of designing your new bag. Select a style below as the frame work. Refer to these links "wallets" and "bags and purses" for example photos, descriptions and dimensions.
Now it's time to choose your leather color. Some designs can be made with multiple colors. Choose main color from drop down box and type accent/secondary color below. Some leather styles are not recommended for specific designs depending on leather thickness and weight, your designer will advise you. View leather color options here **Other colors are available upon request, but may cost an additional fee.
Now it's time to choose your lining. View lining options here **Other colors are available upon request, but may cost an additional fee.
Do you want extra pockets? Or less pockets? No problem, either choose how the design is featured on the Strey website or customize the pockets yourself.
Design your strap style. Some strap styles are not recommended for certain bags or will accrue an additional fee.
Are there more customizations you had in mind? Rivets, spikes, gem rivets, patchwork design... no's the place to explain your DREAM design!

And you are done! Congrats you just designed your very own product that will fit your specific needs. Once we have reviewed your design, we will give you a quote and link right here on the "Custom Orders" page.  After you have paid, our designers will beginning the process creating the bag or wallet you have always dreamed of! 

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