My mom had a Husqvarna sewing machine when I was growing up. I remember always being nervous that I would break it....ironically enough that didn't make me any more careful when I used it. I didn't know how to pronounce Husqvarna so I called it a Viking. I used it a lot. When it was time to do "back to school" shopping she told us we could either have $30 to spend at Target or the thrift store. Well back in 1993 you could get a whole wardrobe from the thrift store for $30, so I always picked the thrift store. I made a pretty conscious decision that if I didn't have enough money to dress like the rich kids than I was going to dress like the most eccentric poor kid! I loved cutting old clothes up and making them NEW! I never used a pattern and I never measured. I would lay out a pair of my favorite pants and cut around them. Then I sewed, and tried it on. And repeat, sew a little more, try it on. Any given night you could find me in my bedroom sewing clothes in my underwear on the carpeted floor of our apartment in poor lighting. I got bags of clothes from everyone I knew. My closet was packed with stacks of garbage bags filled with clothes full of potential.

Then one day, my grandpa died. I never really knew him, probably for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that he had over 90 grandkids. Some how we ended up getting a pile of his "Big Mac" farmer overalls. I held the overalls in my hand and rubbed the material between my fingers. I thought "This would make a great back pack!" I was probably about 12 and no one ever told me what I could or couldn't do! So I kept one pair of his overalls to wear and made the other into a bag. So I guess we can say it was the first Strey bag EVER made.
 Here's a picture of my adorable 14 year old daughter, Olivia, wearing it 25 years later.