To promote our 6 way strap, ROVE, we recently had a photoshoot.

We wanted to show all the ways you can use it, & how different women use it different ways; 
Grabbing drinks after lunch, use it as a clutch. If you are adventurous & love biking or hiking, wear it as a hip pouch. Business meeting? Use the shoulder strap. 

We asked local women from all walks of life to come & participate in a photoshoot with us, unlike anything we have done before! We had a lawyer, an auditor, a model, a marketing manager....

"I am by no means a model, but Sarah had me convinced that I was

 We asked Madelyne Riley -Pointy Chin Diaries Blog - what she thought of the shoot:

"Saying that this shoot was fun, doesn’t do it justice.  Spending the morning with a group of truly incredible women and celebrating Sarah’s work was a dream come true.  A Strey Design's bag has been on my Minneapolis wish-list for a long time, so when I was asked to be a part of this day, well let’s just say it made my week.  I am by no means a model, but Sarah had me convinced that I was, and I beam every time I use my new, now highly coveted leather clutch.  I feel like a million bucks every time someone compliments me on it.  It connects me to this beautiful and exciting local fashion community, and for that I am truly grateful."

We thrive in uplifting women, our community & women makers so it was the most perfect day that included laughter, fun, mimosas & bagels.

Check out our new summer colors of the ROVE! Maybe you need one for an upcoming graduation party, concert, festival or date night? Whatever the occasion, the ROVE is the bag you need.