1. Sewing a giant projection screen for a football goal post

2. Private Muppet making classes

3. Gallery curator/Event Organizer

4. Teaching children to make marionettes out of garbage in Uruguay

5. Doll maker

6. Hanging charcoal twigs from the ceiling

7. Woodshop assistant

8. Large scale shadow puppet performance with ninety 2nd graders

9. Making a motorcycle jacket

10. Calliope powered by a pizza oven

11. Huge tempera murals on glass

12. Teaching plein air painting

13. Local hardware store worker

14. Hanging art for a Dean at the U of MN

15. Senior portraits

16. Teaching acting to adults with disabilities

17. Set Designer

18. Desk scrubber


When I came up with my tag line "Embrace Possibilities" I sort of meant it. I have a hard time saying no to anything because I want to be open to what the universe has to offer me. I actually think that scrubbing desks was a major mile stone in my life.

A few years back I had the opportunity to travel to Uruguay to teach puppet making to a school in a rural area. The puppets were secondary to what I was ACTUALLY teaching which was a combination of: ingenuity, community building, the benefits of storytelling, and that art has the power to transcend language.  Here are a couple videos of the final presentation they made for their parents. I actually don't speak Spanish so I never knew exactly the stories they were telling (if someone wants to translate I would be forever grateful), but their smiles told the best stories. 

Side note: If you read my "Career Change" blog post you would think that I was probably a monster of a teacher. But the truth is working with kids is actually the most important job anyone can do IN THE WHOLE WORLD. As I flew home from South America I decided before I try to help anyone, anywhere I needed to help myself first. This was one of the many pieces that got Strey Designs in motion. 

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