Kids drive me crazy and if they can't learn to use an X-acto knife, then I was done being a teacher. Their dexterity was lacking and they would burn their little fingers on the hot glue gun and I'd say, "hurts, doesn't it?" I think the parents thought I was harsh but if they can't consider more than one principle of design in their composition then I was gonna be straight up with them. "This is summer art camp not a playground, get that Minion footprint done before snack time." 

My career as an art teacher ended about the same time as it started. And the Bloomington Ace Hardware store was fully staffed with creepy, old, retired dudes so my last resort was to become what I always wanted to be which was a leather hand-bag designer. Just kidding, I never wanted to be that, I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, but I hated pins...and I hated skinny, tall girls because I was a short, stumpy girl.

So after a quick calculation I realized if I made a tote bag out of leather I could sell it for 20 times the amount of a canvas bag. I wasn't a math major but I had a friend check the calculation. And if they both took me the same amount of time to make I could keep a little for myself and give the rest to charity and be the kind of humanitarian that wins awards. 

One time I said, "I want to use my art as a vehicle for social change" (I'm the kind of asshole that quotes themselves.) I had heard those Michael Jackson songs about changing the world to make it a better place and I had initially wanted to do that, but working with kids was gross. They really had too many problems to deal with, it really broke my heart. 

So taking on American consumerism and how manufacturing overseas exploited workers seemed a little easier.