People ask, "Oh cool logo, did you have a graffiti artist design your logo? What does STREY mean?" 

Here's the break down:

1. It's my signature: When I was younger my siblings and I would sit around and "practice" writing our names over and over, I guess we were pretty bored. We were determined to come up with the coolest, artsy-iest way to write our names. Before I was SARAH BUTALA, I was SARAH TREMBLEY and that is a long name to write with a paintbrush so it was abbreviated.

2. The word STRAY: When I first began STREY DESIGNS it was actually S.Trey (the only legible letters in my signature and short for Sarah Trembley). I soon had the revelation that s-t-r-e-y was sort of a word, similar to "stray" and I thought...that word really describes me! I've always been one to not follow the beaten path, to stray from the pack. I've found pleasure and delight in my individuality, in taking the path less travelled. I've never been a follower, I've always wanted to stand out, be different, be unique and I enjoy seeing the uniqueness in others! 

3. How did Strey Designs start: In a whirlwind of welding, sculpting, woodworking, laser etching, and puppet-making STREY DESIGNS was born! I had the COOLEST job on campus, working at what we called the "Tool Crib", where U of MN art students could borrow tools to work on crazy sculptures. We had a "free bin" that people would leave random garbage that artists call ART MATERIALS! I found a box of leather scraps. I had no idea how to leather-work so I went to Michael's and bought a cheap leather hole punch and started punching! I realized quickly I was getting a great hand workout! I was used to using whatever random materials that were laying around, so I grabbed some off colored yarn and started to whip-stitch the pieces together. I hardcore loved the result! It wasn't long before I snatched up every bit of leather I could find and burnt out my Husqvarna home sewing machine making funky leather tote bags for all my relatives. I loved every minute, I love working with my hands, I love having weird ideas and watching them realized! Creating objects, useful objects, from nothing more then a few materials and a wild imagination has always been my forte! 

**I almost named my brand STAMPEDE (looking back that's a cool name too).